Does this life sound fulfilling to you?

This is what not owning your pipes looks like.

I read an interview with Nancy Knowlton, CEO of Smart Technologies, in Gordon Pitts' At The Top column in Toronto's 10/29/2007 issue of The Globe and Mail. As a basketball player, the article title ("Former basketball star sticks to the team approach") drew me in, but it boomeranged me right out when I read the following:
What is your personal future?
I don't want to get off this treadmill any time soon. I am 54 and my husband is 58 and we still work 70 to 90 hours a week. I like being agitated, I like being paranoid, I like being worried about what's happening.
Yikes. No mention of children in the article (personal and private choice, sure, but also no mention of philanthropy or community involvement), no actual mention of anything team-related, and frankly, in the picture that accompanied the article her hair looks brittle, her skin rough, and there are bags under her eyes. Not to mention: her pullover looked rather cheap. You're working miserable hours at the age of 54 and you can't even buy yourself a nice suit jacket?

Really? This is what we consider "at the top"?

Does this sound compelling to any of you?

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