Jodie Foster drops it.

Step one? You gotta recognize. Awareness of that which sullies your pipes has to happen before you can own 'em.

From an article in the September 2007 issue of W:
When pressed, however, she will admit there are "tons of neurotic things I bring from my childhood." There's something stunting, for instance, about receiving more attention for the things you do than the person you are. "If there's one thing you have to figure out in therapy," she says, "it's how to have a sense of yourself if all you've known is applause for being charming and applause for being beautiful. How do you have any appreciation for yourself without that?" Ever precocious, she says she had this conundrum mostly sorted out by the time she turned 30: "At that point, for some reason, all the big things in life that I was struggling with kind of disappeared. I wasn't so hard on myself. I realized I didn't have to have everybody else's career. I was like, I get it! I don't have to be Kim Basinger."
How do you define yourself? Is it through external accolades or material goods?

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Couture Carrie said...

Great Q! Accolades more than possessions . . . I define myself by accomplishments, I guess.